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Arista offers a variety of services in order to fit the educational needs of every student.

At Arista we believe that the key to success is time management and organization. We strongly believe the only factor that could account for surprise test questions is the proper preparation.  By giving children the correct guidance to plan effectively for tests and review the correct material we give children the confidence they need to succeed. 

Essay Workshops

Setting: Classroom

Homework Sessions

Setting: Round Table

Tutoring Sessions

Setting: Round Table

• Algebra and Trigonometry

• Linear Algebra 1 and 2

• Calculus 1 and  2

• Physics 

• Chemistry

• English

• French

• Science and technology

•AP Science and Technology

•Advance Science and Technology

• Discovery Science

• Geography 

• History

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Biology

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical reading

Homework sessions are for any child at any grade level. Sessions typically last two hours long and are supervised by a tutor that is aware of each students area of difficulty and pace.  The main focus in these sessions is to help students understand the importance of organization and time management as well as be there to provide the correct and sufficient answers to all their academic questions. 

• Kindergarten 

• Grade 1 

• Grade 2

• Grade 3

• Grade 4

• Grade 5 

• Grade 6


• High School Entrance Exam*

• Grade 7 

• Grade 8

• Grade 9

• Grade 10

• Grade 11 



Preparation Courses are typically offered over the course of the summer. These courses are offered in order to help students prepare for the upcoming school year.  These courses are intended for students who had difficulties in their previous year or simply want an introduction to their upcoming school year. 

Essay workshops are for students that require additional help in composing essays. If a student is required to read a novel before composing an essay please let us know prior to registration to ensure the tutor has time to read the novel to guide the student towards the right direction. 

• Thesis statements

• Essay do's and dont's

• Literary devices

• Organization

• Note taking


• Test preperation

• Lesson planning


• Time management



Crash Courses are typicially offered before midterms and finals to ensure that students review and understand all the required materials before entering an exam. Courses are offered over the course of a weekend and go over past exams and key concepts. 

Elementary School
Secondary School

Tutoring sessions target specific troubled subject areas that students may require more in depth explanations in and clarification. These tutoring sessions may be done individually as well as in groups when targeting the same subject. 

Crash Courses 

Setting: Classroom

Preparation Courses 

Setting: Round Table/ Classroom

Conversational Sessions

Setting: Round Table

• Mathematics

• English (Reading/Writing/Vocabulary/Grammar)

• French (Reading/Writing/Vocabulary/Grammar)



• Statistics and Probability

• Arithmetic and Algebra

• Geometry

• Cultural, Social and Technical Math (Math 434, 534)

• Technical and Scientific Math

 (Math 446, 546)

• Science Math

(Math 456, 556)

* Please contact us if you do not see your course listed we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Conversational Sessions are for students that require additional help in communicating their thoughts and expressions typically in a language that is not their maternal language. These sessions can help to improve oral presentations, commucation skills and enhance the childs confidence in speaking a second or even third language. 

• English

• French


* Other languages may be available upon request.

• Math 434 

• Math 446

• Math 456



• Math 534

• Math 546

• Math 556



• Physics

• Chemistry

• Calculus



• Linear Algebra

• Mels Exam



* Please contact us if you do not see your course listed we will do our best to accommodate your needs before examination period. 

* Also offered in french