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Intrinsic Motivation Program 2015


This is a newly introduced program intended for high school students who lack motivation in school. The intension of this program is to provide students with direction, focus and subsequently motivation to do well in school. To do so we are introducing students to an array of various careers and trades such as:

                        - Accountants

                        - Financial Planners

                        - Orthodontists

                        - Lawyers

                        - Psychologists

                        - Trades/Entrepreneurs




                                         Interior Designers

                          - Engineers

                          - Bankers

                          - Educators


Students who are interested in this program must book a consultation to converse about their interests, hobbies and general concerns or questions about education. These consultations will also help us to add/remove careers to the previous list. This programme is scheduled for the first week of August and costs $100.00. The shedule may consists of various different times depending on the availability of the previously mentioned professionals (scheduled to be made for end of July). 


If you are interested in this program please don't hesitate to contact us!


Kaliopi Seferiadis

Director Arista Tutoring