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Tutors are available upon request. Contact us and we will make sure to find a tutor that is able to fit your schedule and childs needs. 

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How do I get a tutor?

At Arista we realise that not all students require one on one tutoring but that small group homework sessions, for a couple of hours a day, are also beneficial and can in fact have better results then that of one on one tutoring. We value the importance of organization and time management and encourage students to do the same. 

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How does Arista work?

Along with group homework sessions we also offer individual or group tutoring sessions predomanently in elementary, high school and cegep mathematics (Please contact us for other courses). Students are able to start with homework sessions if the student, tutor or parents feel that the student requires more help they may request a meeting to discuss the benefits of group or individualized tutoring. 

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What if I need more help?

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

The homework and group tutoring sessions are two hours long and don't end until all work is complete. Individual tutoring sessions are usually one or two hours long. 

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In order to be more aware of the students capabilities and difficulties, before any child begins any program with Arista we arrange a free consultation with parents to discuss the students previous academic history and character. This way tutors are more aware of which topics require more attention during the homework sessions. 

How do the tutors know what I need help in?

Although all homework will be done in the group homework sessions there is a possibility that some students require more attention and individualized help, therefore it is possible to do both the homework sessions as well as the individualized tutoring sessions. The two sessions are also offered at different times and days over the course of the year making it possible for students to attend both if needed. 

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Can I do both the homework sessions and individual tutoring?