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Free Consultations

Arista offers many different services and although beneficial may seem a little overwhelming to students and parents. To help with this process, before starting any program at Arista, many times even before registering, parents are required to attend a free 30 minute consultation in order for us to generate a proper learning plan for the student. 


In order to effectively determine the proper course of action a series of pre-determined questions will be asked during the consultation to find out more about the students' academic history and character. This will also give parents the opportunity to ask their own questions and to meet with the director of Arista who deals directly with all consultations. 


Along with answering the questions during the consultations we will also ask parents to bring specific documentation such as:

                                                1. Photocopy of the students 3 latest report cards

                                                2. Class schedule for the current school year

                                                3. Course outline for each class

                                                4. Contact information paper

                                                5. Registration paper (to be filled out during consultation)


It will not be necessary for students to attend the consultations, we would be happy to greet all students during open house where they are able to meet our tutors and see where the studying will be taking place. Our consultations are scheduled by APPOINTEMENT ONLY therefore please contact us to schedule a date and time that best fits both our schedules. 


We thank you for your time and look forward to meeting with you,


Arista Director

Documents required for 


1. 3 latest Report Cards

2. Class Schedule 

3. Course Outline for each class

4. Contact Information Paper.doc

5. Registration Paper.doc